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227 thoughts on “Videos”

  1. I’d hoped we had a future in the current system. It is clearer by the day we are not in luck and have either idiots or villains or worse at the helm.

  2. It’s the global economy. It consumes….social chaos as it collapses. The east is supposed to be a safe haven for the west and the west for east….what myth is this.

  3. Ape politics. Sometimes a omega will take out a alpha. More often a alpha will take out a lot of omegas. This plays into the collapse of modern ‘fragile’ civilization. There are no betas when the world ends. Everything to win and everything to lose. ;-)

  4. Empathy erosion – it is well known that autistics have low empathy but they seldom do bad things just annoyingly stressful things, um? Politicians like Tony Blair have much empathy and shake hands a lot, looking into your eyes to judge your emotional state. I think this idea may require some further work?

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