The Victorians: Empire and Race

Prof. Richard J. EvansVia Gresham College, a series of lectures on the Victorian era by Professor Richard J Evans FBA. Below is the episode on Empire and Race:

Science and religion came together to help shape the attitudes of the British and Europeans towards the rest of the world, whose inhabitants were increasingly regarded as socially inferior and spiritually ignorant. This lecture looks at how these ideas framed the growth of overseas Empire in the latter part of the nineteenth century, how Britain and those European states that possessed colonies governed them and what were the consequences for politics and ideology at home, above all in the growth of the Social Darwinism, racism and extreme nationalism that led to the end of the ‘Victorian’ era in the First World War.

Other lectures in this series, The Victorians: Culture and Experience in Britain, Europe and the World 1815-1914, include:
Time and Space
Art and Culture
Life and Death
Religion and Science
Gender and Sexuality

CBC: To Sell A War

To Sell A War is a documentary which first aired in December 1992 as part of CBC programme The Fifth Estate. The programme was directed by Martyn Gregory and produced by Neil Docherty.

The Fifth Estate

It exposes the Citizens for a Free Kuwait campaign as public relations spin to gain public opinion support for the Gulf War. As well, it reveals that Nurse Nayirah was in fact Nijirah al-Sabah, the daughter of Kuwait’s ambassador to the United States Saud Nasir Al-Sabah, coached by Hill & Knowlton to forge her infamous testimony about Iraqi soldiers removing babies from incubators, which was widely reported and repeated throughout the media.

The story that Iraqi troops murdered 312 babies in hospitals by removing them from their incubators broke at a time when American public opinion was wavering over President Bush’s call to arms to defend Kuwait. It tipped the balance and helped persuade the Americans and their allies to go to war against Saddam Hussein.

On-screen participants include John MacArthur (Publisher, Harpers & Queen), Nasir al Sabah (Kuwaiti Ambassador to the US), Congressman John Porter (Co-Chair, Human Rights Caucus), Dr Ibrahim Behbehani (Red Crescent, Kuwait), Dr David Chiu (World Health Organisation, British Columbia Institute of Technology), Dr Ian Pollock (Physicians for Human Rights), Sean Stiles (Amnesty International), Andrew Whiting (Middle East Watch), Dee Alsop (Wirthline Group).

The Tenth Level: A Milgram Movie

The Tenth LevelVia Advances in the History of Psychology, a 70s TV movie curiosity called The Tenth Level, starring William Shatner, that fictionalizes the (in)famous Milgram experiment.

It’s bad, yet interesting.

The experiment itself keeps being reviewed and reinterpreted as Milgram’s obedience studies – not about obedience after all?” target=”_blank”>a recent article shows.

For yet more information on the experiment also check out some of the related AHP links.

Watch it below via a 13-part YouTube playlist:

Update 20110824: 50th Anniversary of Stanley Milgram’s Obedience Experiments