Charlie Brooker: How TV Ruined Your Life

BBC: How TV Ruined Your Life

How TV Ruined Your Life is 6-part comedy series by the BBC in which Charlie Brooker uses a mix of sketches and jaw-dropping archive footage to explore the gulf between real life and television:

Charlie Brooker: How TV Ruined Your Life
Ever wondered why life doesn’t measure up to those youthful lofty expectations?

From love and money to fear and progress, Charlie Brooker explores a different universal theme each week as this six-part series attempts to explain where it all went wrong and just how wildly the TV and movie ideal differs from life’s grim reality.

Marking the point where the mad daydreams of TV and the sorry reality of real life collide, the series employs a mixture of archive footage, sketches and interviews that will have you wiping away tears of laughter while nodding in recognition, which means you’ll probably have your eye out if you’re not careful.

The episodes explore the following themes:

  1. Fear: From public information films to crime dramas, Charlie explores TV’s approach to fear.
  2. The Lifecycle: From kids shows to Countdown, Charlie explores how TV can infuriate anyone of any age.
  3. Aspiration: From Dallas to Grand Designs, TV continually rubs desirable lifestyles in your face.
  4. Love: From Blind Date to rom-coms, TV has warped our expectations of romance.
  5. Progress: Charlie Brooker argues that television has warped our relationship with technology.
  6. Knowledge: Tracing how TV’s notion of knowledge has sunk to celebrity presenter drivel.

Charlie Brooker at The Guardian and on Twitter.

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