Facebook Chases Google’s Deep Learning with New Research Group

<img class="alignleft" alt="" src="http://www.technologyreview.com/sites/default/files/images/facebook.deep_.learningx299.jpg" width="299" Cheap Oakleys height=”299″ />Facebook is set to get an even better understanding of the 700 million people who share details of their personal lives using the social network each day.

A new research group within the company is working on an emerging and powerful approach to artificial intelligence known as deep learning, which uses simulated networks of brain cells to process data. Applying this method to data shared on Facebook could allow for novel features, and perhaps boost the company’s ad targeting.

Deep learning has shown potential to enable software to do things such as work out Cream the emotions or events described cheap jordans for sale in text even if they aren’t explicitly referenced, recognize objects in photos, and make sophisticated predictions about people’s likely future behavior.


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