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The Lists of 2010

A collection of the customary lists for 2010:

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Top Lists 2010 (Google)

The Yes Men Interview

The Yes Men Lab logoAndy Bichlbaum, leading member of the Yes Men, interviewed by Joe Garofoli, reporter, San Francisco Chronicle moderator, for The Commonwealth Club. [64m 13s]

Bichlbaum and his partner, Mike Bonanno, pose as top-notch representatives for large corporations and nations, yes, nations. At the Copenhagen Climate Conference last December, the Yes Men delivered a faux press release claiming Canada was reversing its position on climate change. And how can one forget the jaw-dropping statements made by spokesperson for Dow Chemical accepting full responsibility for the Bhopal disaster on worldwide news station BBC? Needless to say, they have a knack for striking chords of condemnation and admiration, stimulating polar perspectives simultaneously. Their latest documentary, The Yes Men Fix the World, has been hailed as a riotous reminder that patriotism is often misconstrued as troublemaking. Get a load of the Yes Men.

Maybe time for a BP prank? :mrgreen:

Update 20100725: The Yes Men Fix the World now available to download as a torrent
Update 20100823: Also in the Internet Archive and on Vodpod. Play below: